Highlights From South Asia News: March 5, 2013

Pakistan Rejects US Disavowal of Drone Strikes
by Declan Walsh
New York Times http://nyti.ms/YU7uTc

Earlier Article that cites that Pakistan had used the CIA drone program to cover its own military operations
By Declan Walsh
New York Times http://nyti.ms/XnaUzQ

Maldives arrests former President Nasheed
In efforts to prevent the former president from contesting elections the current Maldivian government arrested President Nasheed – the first democratically elected president in the country – on Tuesday admist violent protests.
Wall Street Journal http://on.wsj.com/WLSvOU

Russia Seeks Closer Military Ties with Myanmar 
Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu is visiting Myanmar to forge closer Ties
Russia Herald http://bit.ly/YMfKlI

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s navy accused of helping people smugglers
By Ben Doherty
Officers in the Sri Lankan navy are alleged to be major players in the people-smuggling business, enabling people to leave the country via boats headed for Australia.
Sydney Morning Herald http://bit.ly/XoME06

Binod Chaudhary is Nepal’s First Billionaire
Chaudhary known for Wai Wai noodles in Nepal has multiple investments in Asia
By Nazneen Karmali
Forbes http://onforb.es/14nVjPQ

Key Players in Afghanistan’s Largest Banking Scandal Sentenced to Prison
Afghanistan’s largest banking scandal: Two men accused of stealing more than $800 million from Kabul Bank
By Kevin Sieff
Washington Post http://wapo.st/Zl4fDX

Leaving in 2014
By Fredrick W. Kagan
Critical Threats http://bit.ly/13DH6SW

India lost whopping 14M agriculture jobs, over 5M manufacturing jobs: National Development Council
During the 12th Five Year Plan between 2005-2010, India says a massive loss of jobs in sectors which engage over 60 percent of the nation’s workforce.
The Indian Express http://bit.ly/W25f10


A democratic, secular Bangladesh is in India’s interest: President Pranab Mukherjee
India’s president Pranab Mukherjee concluded his tour of Bangladesh despite the violent protests in hope that peace restores to the nation and stressing the importance of secular governance.
Daily News http://bit.ly/ZesVg6


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