Highlights from South Asia News: March 6, 2013

Rahul Gandhi cements his role, takes on more responsibility
In preparation for the 2014 general elections in India, recently nominated Vice President of the Congress Party – Rahul Gandhi – takes on a more assertive role by reaching out to the opposition leaders, and possible allies.

Live Mint http://bit.ly/YKE33y

Nasheed freed a day after arrest; trial put off for four weeks
In an interesting turn of events, President Nasheed who was allegedly wrongfully detained on Tuesday by the current government in power arrested on Tuesday has been released by authorities and his trial delayed in light of the upcoming elections.
The Indian Express http://bit.ly/YzHL2V

Bangladesh rejects India’s request of being recognized as a country from which it imports yarn for products later exported to the EU
After a year long request from the Indian ministry of commerce, Bangladesh has refused to give India this status therefore preventing Indian farmers from availing of any benefits from the EU General Scheme of Preferences, possibly due to pressure from Bangladeshi textile lobbying groups.
Business Standard http://bit.ly/ZrhJyf

Sri Lanka
India’s position on the draft resolution at the UN, will depend on its final draft says Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced that Delhi’s decision on the draft resolution to be tabled by the United States at the ensuing session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva would depend on its content
The Hindu http://bit.ly/VG7isT

Dahal- Bhattarai Rift Persists
By Kiran Pun/ Kosh Raj Koirala
Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Vice Chairman Baburam Bhattarai cannot agree on compensation to the victims of Bandarmude incident that broke out during the civil war in the country- where 38 were killed in ambush.
Republica http://bit.ly/W2M3jS

Myanmar Military Handed $2.4 Billion Budget
12 percent of the government spending is handed to the Military. The number is 100 million less than last year’s budget.
Bangkok Post http://bit.ly/ZefkJg

Afghan Dynamics Altering US Efforts to Wind Down War
by Shashank Bengali, Hashmat Baktash and David S.
Villagers accounts of US Brutality prove untrue. The claims of murder and abuse by Afghans and Americans are fed by the Taliban, say some officials.
LA Times http://lat.ms/107NVHV

Singh Says Pakistan Not Doing Enough Against Terrorists
Indian Prime-minister Man Mohan Singh says a dialogue with Pakistan is difficult with incidents such as the one in January where two Indian soldiers were killed on the line of control.
DAWN http://bit.ly/14vqoRK


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