Hightlights from South Asia News March 8, 2013

Sri Lanka

India in a bind over Sri Lanka showdown
India finds itself in a difficult position over the UN resolution on human rights violations in Sri Lanka, four years after the end of a 26 year civil war.
http://on.wsj.com/ZlixH0 from The Wall Street Journal India
A play by play of the first match of the test cricket series between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s batsmen led by Kumar Sangakarra made merry against the Bangladeshi bowling attack taking the lead on the first day of the test match.
http://bit.ly/XXhcFZ from IBNLive
Chinese tourists boycott Maldives resort amid claims of discrimination
As Maldives tourism suffers due to ongoing protests, Chinese tourists have taken a step further and boycotted a resort in Northern Maldives because of it’s discriminatory practices against them like lack of hot water.
http://bit.ly/Zk4jpN from South China Morning Post
Amid Pakistan’s sectarian violence, Sunni’s saved Shiites
As Shiite muslims suffered a brutal attack from Sunni militants, civilian Sunni’s gathered to help the Shiites survive.
http://bit.ly/WyoBgO from The LA Times
Rupee rallies to over one-week high; highest in a month and a half
The Rupee gained 1.1 percent this week – posting it’s highest weekly gain since January 18 – ahead of the reports from the Reserve Bank of India which will be released on March 19.
http://reut.rs/Z4w6IO from Reuters 
Op-Ed from India on Women’s Day
Saying ‘yes’ matters as much as ‘no’
http://nyti.ms/13IcgIS from The New York Times
Meeting Afghanistan’s ‘invisible’ first lady: Zinat Karzai
Hamid Karzai’s wife, Zinat Karzai, speaks of how she has to work within her culture and her role as first lady.
http://bbc.in/16cM60E from BBC News
Nepal warns of fallout of Chief Justice Kumar-led government with the judiciary, military
Senior government officials fear the elevation of Chief Justice Kumar to Prime Minister will have an adverse effect on the workings of the executive with the judiciary and military.
http://bit.ly/W9YiLs from The Himalaya Times
Kachin group says violence continues as Presdent Thein Sein claims peace 
As President Thein Sein claimed that there is peace in the northern region of Kachin while on his European tour, activists in the region say this is far from true and air are ongoing.
http://bit.ly/W9Lk0e from The Irrawady

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