Highlights from South Asia News, March 11 2013

Angry Afghan Villagers Want US Special Forces Out
An Afghan Policeman killed two U.S. special operations after the American forces remained in Wardak Province, after President Hamid Karzai’s deadline. Two Afghan policemen were also killed in the incident.
http://hrld.us/YU8I1v from The Miami Herald

Pakistan, Iran Break Ground on Pipeline Project
Regardless of US objections, Pakistan has started the construction of the pipeline that links with Iran.
http://bit.ly/W0fTGZ from Dawn

Cannabis-smoking ascetics light up Nepal festival
The Hindu Festival Shiva Ratri bought one million devout Hindu’s to Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu. Hundred of naked ascetics sat outside smoking cannabis, a tradition passed on for centuries.
http://reut.rs/ZeTTWv from Reuters

Myanmar Opposition Leader Vows Party Reform
There has been little change in Daw Aung Saan Suu Kyi’s party, despite her call for new blood
http://nyti.ms/ZqSFpT from The New York Times

Bangladesh amass highest ever total in opening Test against SriLanka
Resuming on 438 for four, Bangladesh made 638 all out, with captain Mushfiqur Rahim scoring their first Test double century.
http://bit.ly/10CUO82 from The Guardian

Indian warships closed in as crisis played out in the Maldives
Ships from India’s naval fleet which were stationed for security around the island nation are accused of being within the Maldivian water boundaries, making the current situation more difficult
http://bit.ly/12FQHJP from The Hindustan Times

Sri Lanka
Halal food label withdrawn in Sri Lanka after protests
After protests from the Buddhist hardliners, the Islamic clergy announced that the halal label will not be used on packaged food, in the interest of peace.
http://bit.ly/Wh0vom from NDTV

Radical change: Crimes against women Bill proposes to jail rapist for entire life
The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill currently being reviewed by a specially convened meeting of the Union Cabinet will decide on making rape a gender specific issue, contrary to every passed case.
http://bit.ly/WirwI2 from The Indian Express

India-Myanmar naval diplomacy by C. Raja Mohan
http://bit.ly/14MJanZ from The Indian Express


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