Highlights from South Asia News March 14 ,2013

Us warns Afghan leader’s comments threaten troops
In light of Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai’s anti-America comments, U.S. commander Gen. Joseph Dunford called for troops to be ready for an increase in violent attacks.
Associated Press http://bit.ly/XLgbBi

Maldives Human Rights Ministry sends orphans to mental disability centre without psychiatric evaluation
The Ministry of Gender, Family and Human Rights in the Maldives admitted to transferring two eighteen-year-olds to a mental disability centre without any form evaluation from a doctor.
Minivan News http://bit.ly/Watmfm

Pakistan mourns murdered aid worker Parveen Rehman
One of Pakistan’s foremost aid workers who headed the Oranji Project – a non-profit aimed at helping people rise out of poverty – was shot down by four gunmen near Karachi
BBC News http://bit.ly/Z1zOkr

Sri Lanka
Indian government summons the Sri Lankan envoy; asks to return 53 fisherman
In a dispute territory, Sri Lankan authorities had arrested Indian fisherman for allegedly fishing in their waters compelling the Indian government to call for their return and demand they be treated humanely.
Times of India http://bit.ly/Ys82QY


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh warns Italy of ‘consequences,’ envoy says need ‘consensual’ end
In the case of two Italian marines allegedly killing two Indian fishermen, dialogue grew more grotesque as the Prime Minister condemned Italy for not sending back the marines to face trial.
The Indian Express http://bit.ly/YswLVt

Chief Justice Regimi to lead Nepal into interim elections
In an attempt to end the deadlock in the mountain nation, the Chief Justice Regimi will take charge of the government as unit expecting to the end the stalemate in the nation which hasn’t had a functional parliament in over a year.
Reuters http://reut.rs/WIciyn

Myanmar to coordinate growing rice exports with Thailand, Vietnam
Rice leaders are trying to coordinate Myanmar’s rapidly growing rice exports with the two largest rice producing countries in the world in an effort to increase farming efficiency and farmer’s knowledge around production.
Irrawady News http://bit.ly/WpFbNz

The battle for Bangladesh: who defines Bengali identity?
With violence rampant and increasing tensions in light of the protest against war tribunals, the question of identity among the people of Bangladesh is a particularly relevant one.
Foreign Affairs http://fam.ag/16rBCdN


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