Highlights From South Asia News: March 18, 2013

Myanmar Holds Off On Press Law Following Criticism
By Aye Aye Win
The government has held off plans for a new media law that would replicate laws during Myanmar’s military rule-  after widespread criticism by journalists.
Huffington Post/ AP http://huff.to/108uIYa
Pakistan Court Attacked by Suicide Bombers and Gunmen
Four people were killed and more than 40 wounded in Peshawar. The attackers may have been trying to free other militants housed in the compound, according to the information minister.
From The Guardian http://bit.ly/ZVoFE7

Feature story
Two Cheers For Pakistani Demoracy: A Sobering Milestone
By Omar Waraich (@omarwaraich)

Nepal Overcomes India in Poverty Reduction: UN
By Thomas Whittle
Nepal ranked among the “star performers” in reducing multidimensional poverty among 22 countries surveyed. It reduced poverty 3 times faster than India.
Xinhua/ NZ Week http://bit.ly/15iefzV
Afghanistan’s Forests a Casualty of Timber Smuggling
By Sean Carberry and Sultan Faizy  (@frankentele and @SultanFaizy)
Illegal smuggling of timber is no surprise in Afghanistan, but only 2 percent of the country is covered with forests today.

NPR http://n.pr/Z9AdB8

Sri Lanka
India Calls Off Defense Talks With Sri Lanka
Amidst severe attack by Tamil parties over engagement with Sri Lanka, The Indian Government has called off the annual defence dialogue between the two nations scheduled to begin on March 23.
From Tehelka http://bit.ly/143Tv2G

Reserve Bank Widens Its Money Laundering Probe Into Top Banks
Widening its probe into alleged money laundering by banks, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Monday included sale of gold coins and wealth management operations in its scrutiny.
From Business Standard http://bit.ly/15WuBk5

India vs. Australia, Mohali Test: M S Dhoni Leads India To Best-Ever Test Cricket Win Over Australia
India took a 3-0 lead in the four match test cricket series between the two countries for the first time since 1932.
From The Indian Express http://bit.ly/11aVmCc

Feature Story
Will Wal-Mart Move Manufacturing Out of Bangladesh?
By Susan Berfield (@susanberfield)
From Business Week http://buswk.co/147GuWc 


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