Highlights From South Asia News: March 20, 2013

Bangladesh President Zillur Rahman Dies
President Zillur Rahman 84, who was being treated in Singapore for respiratory and kidney problems died; Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina declares three days of national mourning.
From Live Mint / AFP http://bit.ly/Xq5mRF

No Consensus On Indian Government Resolution On Sri Lanka
The meeting called by Speaker of the Lok Sabha to break the impasse in the House and seek a consensus on the Indian government’s draft resolution on Sri Lankan Tamils failed to pass a resolution in the house which is seen to be de-stabilizing the current government.
By Smita Gupta
From The Hindu http://bit.ly/ZTXA2P

Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka Army Head Says He Can Answer War Crimes Allegations
By Shihar Aneez (@shiharaneez) and Ranga Sirila (@rangaba)
Sarath Fonseka, former Sri Lankan army chief, told reporters he was ready to answer questions on his record in a war in whose final months, in 2009, tens of thousands of civilians were killed, according to a U.N. panel.
From Reuters http://reut.rs/WEg6yy

Solidarity Sri Lanka’s Tamils Can Do Without
By Nirupama Subramanian (@tallstories)
From The Hindu http://bit.ly/13ckCJK

Maldives Gives Addu New Airport Project To UK Firm
Maldives has chosen UK-based Lagan Construction to develop the Addu International Airport, over Danish company MT Hojgaard.
From The Economic Times http://bit.ly/13cmsKA

Pakistan Hopes for Buddhism Tourism Boost
Takht-E-Bahi an area in Pakistan that border’s Afghanistan boasts of Buddhist heritage. The Pakistani government is now hoping to lure Buddhist pilgrims from East Asia.
Daily Times http://bit.ly/Y0mh0T


Nepal Must Strike Law on Possible Amnesty for Serious Rights Violations
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said that rectifying human right violations during the civil war violate international law.
UN News Centre http://bit.ly/161sjjE

Afghanistan, NATO Agree on Troops Leaving Key Province
By Mirwais Harooni (@MHarooni)
The US will leave the key province of Wardak within a few days, amid worries that insurgents might use the area to attack Kabul.
Reuters http://reut.rs/WDxovC

Myanmar Abolishes Dollar Surrogate
As a move towards economic liberalization, Myanmar has announced the abolition of its US Proxy currency.
Channelnewsasia http://bit.ly/15rnC0i


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