Highlights From South Asia News March 21,2013


10 Dead, Mosques Burned as Buddhist Muslims Clash in Myanmar
By Phyo Wai Lin
10 people died and 20 were injured after an argument erupted between a Muslim gold shop owner and two Buddhist sellers.
CNN http://bit.ly/WLt3aZ


Saudi Arabia Names Naseer First Envoy to Nepal
Abdul Nasser bin Hussain Al-Harthy is Saudi Arabia’s first ambassador to Nepal. Around 600,000 Nepalese work in Saudi Arabia.
Republica http://bit.ly/YIDcAG

Pakistan Car Bombing at Food Center Kills 17
By Alex Rodriguez and Zulfiqar Ali
In a rare attack on Pakistani’s, 17 people were killed and 28 others injured after a car bomb exploded in front of a food distribution center.
LA Times http://lat.ms/Y1HaZw

China to Produce First Afghan Oil, Kabul Contends
By Simon Hall
China National Petroleum Corp, China’s largest oil producer is to begin commercial production of crude oil in Afghanistan.
Wall Street Journal http://on.wsj.com/Y4nHtr

When West Pulls Out, Wild West Rides In
By Paul McGeough (@paulmcgeough)
McGeough argues that there will be no “aha” moments after foreign troops leave Afghanistan. Once the west leaves, the country will be left with three options: Compromise, Conflict or Collapse; he argues.
Wall Street Journal http://bit.ly/Y1oQ2A

Parliament Passes Anti Rape Bill
The anti-rape bill passed by the Indian parliament makes stalking punishable and keeps the age for consensual sex at 18
Times of India http://bit.ly/14e53Rs

Sri Lanka
UN Rights Body Urges More Thorough Sri Lanka Probe
By a 25-13 Vote the United Nations human rights council has urged Sri Lanka to investigate war crimes thoroughly. SriLanka, Pakistan opposed the move among other countries.
NPR-AP http://n.pr/YrIFjj

By Alex Frangos and Syed Zain Al Mahmood (@alexfrangos) 
Bangladesh Unrest Risks Derailing Its Textile Boon
Bangladesh risks losing its status as one of the top textile exporters, as investors are becoming wary of the unrest
Wall Street Journal http://on.wsj.com/103570z

Nasheeds Aides Don’t Share Vision to Reform Maldives, says Defected MP
MP Mohamed Colonel Nasheed spoke for the first time after defecting from Former President Mohamed Nasheeds Party
Haveeru http://bit.ly/WFGgAY


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