Highlights From South Asia News: March 22, 2013

Bangldesh Tornado Toll Claimbs to 23
The death toll from a tornado that swept through 25 villages in eastern Bangladesh, rose to 23 a day after the deadly storm which also left nearly 500 injured.
From The Hindustan Times / PTI http://bit.ly/X2NQbf

Arrest of alleged terroristin Kashmir exposes maze of questions that need answers 

ByTanima Biswas and Nazir Masoodi
Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah today asked Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde to assign the case of alleged terrorist Sayyed Liyaqat Shah to the National Investigation Agency becauase of links with the Hizbul Mujahideen.
From NDTV http://bit.ly/ZjGydj

Sanjay Dutt Did More Than Just Keep Guns For Self-Protection in 1993
By Gautam S. Mengle
From The Indian Express http://bit.ly/ZjJO8K

Opposition leaders call for revoking of all political appointments made by the outgoing government
Nepali congress leaders claimed that the elections cannot be held freely and fairly unless the political appointments and transfers made by the outgoing government, with an intent to influence the polls, are voided.
From The Himalaya Times http://bit.ly/ZcZjm6

Maldives Failed “At Every Level” to Protest Minor Charged With Fornication From Years Of Abuse

By Neil Merrett
The Maldivian authorties were criticized severely after failing to protect a 15 year-old girl convicted of fornication and sentenced to flogging, despite her history of alleged sexual abuse dating back to 2009.
From Minivan News http://bit.ly/YvZZDS

PakistanTaliban Threaten To Kill Former President Pervez Musharaff

By Aliza Kassim (@alizakassim)
The Pakistani Taliban vowed to assassinate former President Pervez Musharraf if he returns to the country as planned Sunday, a spokesman for the terrorist group said.
From CNN http://bit.ly/15EDXiq

Follow up
“I’m not scared of Taliban threat” : Pervez Musharaff
Former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharaff publicly rubbished the threats from the Pakistani Taliban that were delivered via a video message.
From The Express Tribune http://bit.ly/ZWacrL

Afghanistan Bound: One Killed, Five Injured In Attacks On ISAF, NATO Supply Trucks
A driver was killed and two others injured when a convoy of 10 oil tankers supplying oil to foreign troops stationed in Afghanistan were attacked
From The Express Tribune http://bit.ly/WXaeSx

Myanmar’s Police Patrols Centre City After ViolenceMyanmar’s army took control of a ruined central city on Saturday, imposing a tense calm after clashes between Buddhists and Muslims left piles of corpses in the streets and buildings ablaze in the worst sectarian bloodshed to hit the Southeast Asian nation this year.
From AP http://bit.ly/XxQa59


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