Highlights From South Asia News: March 25, 2013

New Drug Resistant Strain of TB Found In Maldives Is “Quite Serious”: Health Protection Agency

The Health Protection Agency warned that a new strain of tuberculosis found in Maldives poses a large threat to the population as it is resistant to several available drugs.

From Minivan News http://bit.ly/13rCyQB

Sri Lanka
The Hardline Buddhists Targeting Sri Lanka’s Muslims
After a series of attacks on mosques, rumors about animal slaughter and an attempt to outlaw the halal system of classification, Sri Lankan Muslim minority is being targeted by hardline Buddhists.
By Charles Haviland (@cfhaviland)
From BBC http://bbc.in/WS2wI7

Confident Nepal Take On Maldives Today In The Asian Cricket Council 20/20 Tournament
Hosts Nepal look for a victory in their opening match against Maldives.
By Adarsha Dhakal
From The Himalaya News http://bit.ly/YbkG8F

Hopes Raised Over First Meet Between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Xi Jingping
The meeting between the two leaders, taking place on the sidelines of the BRICS summit in South Africa, come with hopes of a new direction to bilateral ties, historically tense due to unresolved border tensions.

From IBNLive http://bit.ly/ZRoxqk

India’s “Rotten Diplomacy” in Sri Lanka Breeds Loathing
By Samanth Subramanian (@samanth_s)
From The New York Times http://nyti.ms/X8EyKR

President Karzai Says The Media Misinterpreted Comments About U.S. And Taliban
After alleging that the US is working with the Taliban, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made a previously unannounced visit to Afghanistan on Monday to repair strained relations with President Hamid Karzai as the American-led international force continues to prepare to end its combat mission next year.
By Tom Cohen (@tomcohencnn) and Jason Hanna
From CNN http://bit.ly/16dNYFf

Myanmar Government Struggles To Contain Anti-Muslim Hostility
The government is struggling to contain anti-Muslim violence that touched the outskirts of the capital city over the weekend and forcing it to send troops to patrol the streets in the town where the trouble started.
From FirstPost http://bit.ly/ZnhsOc

Pakistan’s Election Season Begins With Two Very Different Candidates
By Omar Waraich (@omarwaraich)
From TIME http://ti.me/YbmdLG

Bangladesh Minorities Bear Brunt of Violence
Homes and places of worship targeted as violence sweeps country in aftermath of controversial war crimes verdicts.
By Saif Khalid (@msaifkhalid)
From Al Jazeera http://aje.me/YuVHiQ


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