Highlights From South Asia News: March 26, 2013

Sri Lanka
BBC News Suspends Sri Lanka Broadcasts Due To ‘Interference’
The BBC stopped radio broadcasts in English and Tamil  via the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Commission because of “continued interruption and interference” in its Tamil programming, for the first time since 2009.
From BBC http://bbc.in/YzwsvV


Further Threat to Nepal Election Plans
With strongest opposition from the Communist Party of Nepal there is a strong opposition from parties to elections under Chief Justice Regmi jeopardizing elections in June
By Gyanu Adhikari (@Saatdobato)
From The Hindu http://bit.ly/ZoYvY6

Time When Political Parties Bond With Communities
Caste calculations in light of the May 5 elections for parties across the board are becoming clearer as they woo minority groups across the nation.
By Johnston TA
From The Indian Express http://bit.ly/Zsf8FR

Photo Essay
The Spirit of Holi in Delhi’s Sadar Bazaar
India celebrates the festival of color, Holi, on Tuesday.
By Ankush Arora (@ankush_patrakar)
From Reuters http://reut.rs/14tBHi5

Essentials For a New Pakistan: PTI’s Slogans Make Little Difference to Balochistan, FATA
By Ali Arqam (@aliarqam)

From Pakistan Today http://bit.ly/Yz8h0E

Taliban Suicide Bombers Kills Five As Secretary of State Kerry Visits The Kabul
The attack by suicide bombers on a police compound in Jalalabad killed five policeman in a three-hour attack that coincided with Kerry’s visit.
From The Express Tribune/Reuters http://bit.ly/WUkZDH 

Some Protestors in Bangladesh Start A Fast-Unto-Death
A section of protestors at Shahbagh began fast-unto-death on Tuesday night demanding a ban on the Jamaat-e-Islami in light of recent violence.

From bdnews24 http://bit.ly/16fWSSR

Turmoil Over Tribunal in Bangladesh 

On country’s Independence Day, Al Jazeera looks at issues surrounding war crimes trials that have divided the nation.

By Sumi Khan (@sumikhan3), Ben Piven (@benpiven), and Jeremy Swinarton (@jswinarton)
From Al Jazeera http://aje.me/14msSpL

Nepal Crushes Maldives By 79 Runs In Opening Match of the Asian Cricket Conference T20
Nepal’s Pradip Airee struck a brilliant half-century as host Nepal made a flying start in the ACC T20 Cup defeating Maldives by 79 runs in the opener held at the TU cricket grounds, Kirtipur. 
From Republica http://bit.ly/Xaxcq7

US Unlocks $100,000 In Aid As Myanmar Riots Spread

The United States said tuesday it was providing some $100,000 to help victims of the communal riots in Meiktila which are slowly spreading to the capital of Yangon.

From AFP http://bit.ly/10M0B9b


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