Highlights From South Asia News: March 31st, 2013

In Pakistan Underworld, A Cop Is Said To Be King
By Sebastian Abbot (@sebabbot) and Adil Jawad (@adil_jawad)
A Corrupt, low-level cop with street smarts – Mohammed Waseem Ahmed – rises to control hundreds of illegal gambling dens in Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi.
From Dawn / AP http://bit.ly/Z1ISWO

Bangladesh Islamists Gear Up To Punish Blasphemy
Amid heightened political tensions, a group of Bangladesh Islamic scholars Sunday submitted a list of bloggers who they alleged had committed blasphemy, to a government forced agency
From Zee News http://bit.ly/XkKG2P

British Government Must “Acknowledge What Is Really Happening In The Maldives”: British MP John Glen To UK Parliament
By J J Robinson
Britain’s House Of Commons discussed the upcoming Maldivian election and specifically how the exclusion of former President Nasheed might be tenuous to the international community.
From Minivan News http://bit.ly/10qV1XA

Sri Lanka
No Place In Sri Lanka For Religious Extremist Or Racism: President Rajapaksa
Sri Lankan President said that the government will not stand for racism or religious extremist in the country and advised the Buddhist majority to protect and respect the rights of other citizens.
From The Indian Express/PTI http://bit.ly/117JrTx

Nepal Target’s Schools Teaching Indian Subjects
The Nepali government has asked five Indian Schools to stop new admissions saying these schools were not given permission to teach the Indian CBSE curriculum.
From Times Of India http://bit.ly/10n3laX

Novartis Warns India Over Drug Patents
By Andrew Jack (@Ajack) and Amy Kazmin
A Swiss pharmaceutical drug company has threatened to stop supplies to India if the Supreme Court does not grant patent for the cancer drug- Glivec.
From Financial Times http://on.ft.com/123GQg7

Removing Military Assets From Afghanistan Cost Atleast $5 Billion
The cost of removing all military hardware after 12 years of war will cost the US 6 Billion Dollars.
From The Raw Story http://bit.ly/X74g01

Privately Owned Newspapers To Return To Myanmar
By Aye Aye Win
Privately run daily newspapers will hit stands on Monday. This is the first time since 1960 that Myanmar will see a free-press.
From ABC/ Associated Press http://abcn.ws/10rrH38


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