Highlights From South Asia News: April 1st, 2013

Woman Runs for Elections in Pakistan Tribal Area
By Joe Boone
Badam Zari is the first woman from Pakistan’s tribal region to contest a seat in the Parliament.
From The Guardian http://bit.ly/10sN4zC

Myanmar Unrest Harms Country’s Image
Myanmar’s President Thein Sein said that the wave of violence between the Muslims and Buddhists has tarnished the country’s image.
From Aljazeera http://aje.me/14IQdCB

Russia going back to Afghanistan? Kremlin confirms it could happen
By Fred Weir
Russia is entering Afghanistan to maintain monitoring bases, specially since NATO is pulling out forces.
From The Christian Science Monitor http://bit.ly/16rSGzk

India Study Says Sex Attacks Scared Off Tourists 
The number of tourists in India has fallen by 25 percent since the Delhi gang rape three months ago. The number of female travellers has fallen by 35 percent.
From Associated Press http://bit.ly/14ISiP4

Pirates “Kill Fishermen” off Bangladesh
At-least 16 fishermen have been killed in Southern Bangladesh as pirates stole their boats.
From BBC News http://bbc.in/XBTi49

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Monks Arrested Over Anti- Muslim Attack
The Sri Lankan Police arrested three Buddhist monks in relation to the demolition of the Muslim owned clothing store.
From The Global Post/ Associated Press http://bit.ly/YWLypu

Maldives Minister Denies Connections With Artur Brothers
By Ali Yoosuf (@Aliyoosuf)
Defense Minister Mohamed Nazim has denied connections with the notorious Artur Brothers, despite being photographed with them. They are known to be global conmen and drug traffickers.
From Haveeru http://bit.ly/179rLcW

Ex- President Carter Says China Pressuring Nepal on Tibetans
By Gopal Sharma
Former United States President Jimmy Carter says that Nepal faced by pressures of the Chinese government is making it increasingly difficult for Tibetan refugees to cross the border.
FromReuters http://reut.rs/13LL5y0


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