Highlights From South Asia News: April 3, 2013

Afghanistan Courthouse Attack ‘Kills 50 People’
A suicide bomb and gun attack on a courthouse in western Afghanistan has left more than 50 people dead and 90 injured, most of them civilians.
From BBC News http://bbc.in/12gPOTD

How Iran Won The War On Drugs: Lessons For Fighting The Afghan Narcotics Trade
By Amir A. Afkhami (@psych_doc)
From Foreign Affairs http://fam.ag/10vDuh4

11 More Bloggers To Be Arrested: Bangladesh Home Minister
The Bangladeshi home ministry has identified 11 bloggers “who have hurt religious sentiment of Muslims through their writings” of which four have already been arrested, Home Minister MK Alamgir declared.
From The Daily Star http://bit.ly/13Rq8BV

Oligarchs and Elections
Murari Sharma/ Bhagirath Basnet
Sharma and Basnet argue that while Cheif Justice Khil Raj Regmi should never have taken the job of overseeing the election process, he can still amend ways and not act as a puppet of the political parties.
From Republica http://bit.ly/16wIGoG

“I Will Lead Maldives Out Of A Failing Democracy, We Don’t Want A Phobiocracy” : PPM Presidential Candidate

By Mariyath Mohamed
The newly elected presidential candidate of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Abdulla Yameen delivered his first address to supporters following the conclusion of the primaries.
From Minivan News http://bit.ly/10xbEAG

In a Rare Gesture of Goodwill: Pakistan returned Indian girl who strayed across the border, complete with new clothes and shoes
By Andrew Buncombe (@andrewbuncombe)
The Independent http://ind.pn/10r4NKx

High Fiscal Deficit Is Unacceptable: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
Terming the 5 per cent GDP expansion as clearly disappointing, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made a case for speedy and decisive actions to achieve 8 per cent economic growth while addressing the Council Of Indian Industries annual general meeting.
From The Hindu http://bit.ly/14EBVmb

Maoists Must Do More For Their Apology To Count
By Ashutosh Bhardwaj
From The Indian Express http://bit.ly/17d6gIc

Sports Special
Indian Premier League Cricket: Team-By-Team Guide
From The Telegraph http://bit.ly/Z8qjqQ

Sri Lanka
Tamil Paper Uthayan Attacked in Northern Sri Lanka
The pro-opposition paper was attacked as masked men entered the Uthayan building, injuring employees and vandalizing property.
From BBC News http://bbc.in/13R1NMw

Profile: Why Western Oil Companies Love Myanmar’s Moe Myint
Moe Myint stayed clean of corruption, and tax evasion for years before Myanmar’s democracy. He is now very popular among western investors who are thirsty for energy resources.
From Forbes http://onforb.es/11n361Y


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