Highlights From South Asia News: April 5th, 2013

Rising Extremism Could Threaten Maldives Tourism: Report 
Extremist violence and increasing incidents of Maldivians joining overseas Jihadish groups are becoming more common, according to a report from the Combatting Terror Center Sentinal in the United States.
From Minivan News http://bit.ly/10EPZW6

Maoist Leaders Given Till Mid- May to Submit Arms
Maoist leaders have till mid-May to submit 32 weapons they were carrying fir personal security.
From Republica http://bit.ly/14TJgyO

Pee All and End All: Nepal Posits New Approach To The Compost Problem
By Smriti Mallapaty (@smritimallapaty)
A research conducted in Nepal shows that human urine is superior to urea as a fertilizer when blended with compost.
From The Guardian http://bit.ly/Xu6tVP

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka and Pakistan To Enhance Bilateral Cooperation
Foreign Secretaries of Pakistan and Sri Lanka held talks in Colombo in hope of increasing the level of cooperation and friendship between the two nations.
From Colombo http://bit.ly/12oo1V8

Column blog
We Had Make Staggering Progress In Maternal Health In Bangladesh. Where Next?
By Dr. Kaosar Afsana
From BRAC blog (@bracworld) http://bit.ly/10BCOqc

Lost Cost Drugs In Poor Nations Get A Lift In Indian Court
A ruling by the Supreme Court in India ensured that people in developing countries worldwide will continue to have access to low-cost copycat version of drugs like H.I.V. and cancer at least for a while.
By Gardiner Harris (@gardinerharris) and Katie Thomas (@katie_thomas)
From The New York Times http://nyti.ms/Y2PAfT

The Novartis Patent Case: The Full Supreme Court Ruling
From The New York Times http://nyti.ms/14JTjG9

How Myanmar’s Muslim- Buddhist Conflict has reached into Indonesia
By Dan Murphy (@bungdan)
A fight between Muslims and Buddhists at a detention center in Indonesia has left eight people dead. Murphy explores the subject.
Christian Science Monitor http://bit.ly/Y3a08B

Pervez Musharraf Barred From One Pakistani Election Constituency
Pervez Musharraf is barred from the polls in Kasur in Punjab province because of the many cases against him in the area.
From The Times of India/Reuters http://bit.ly/XinEHt

Russia Rules Out Setting Bases in Afghanistan
By Vladimir Radyuhin
Russian Deputy Defence Minister has said that Russia does not plan on setting up bases in Afghanistan.
The Hindu http://bit.ly/16CoFgw


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