Highlights From South Asia News: April 8, 2013

Government Sets up Special Commission For Christian Cemeteries
By Kalpit Parajuli
Nepal’s interim government has decided to find burial locations for Christians before July 15. The clashes between Hindus and Christians over burial space has spanned decades
From Asia News http://bit.ly/10NMVqJ
Special Report
Buddhist Monks Incite Muslim Killings in Myanmar
By Jason Szep (@jasonszep)
Monks are responsible for the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Myanmar. The conflict is economical as much as it is religious, writes Szep. The article also gives all details of what sparked the bloodshed this year.
Pakistan’s Former Dictator Pervez Musharraf Refuses Personal Appearance in Court on Treason Charges
Pervez Musharraf who dismissed more than 60 top judges and enacted emergency in 2007 faces treason charges, but has refused to appear in court.
From RawStory/ AFP http://bit.ly/11Kv1ch

Why Pakistan Hasn’t Liberalized India’s Trade

By Annabel Symington (@A_Symington)
From Wall Street Journal http://on.wsj.com/11KToXi

Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan kills 9 Civilians
By Mark Magnier (@markmagnier)
Civilians have been killed in Afghanistan again. The Taliban has denied responsibility.
From LA Times http://lat.ms/10MvgSL
Sheikh Hasina Rejects Call for Blasphemy Law
By Haroon Habib
Despite attacks by the opposition, Prime minister Sheik Hasina has rejected the blasphemy law that calls for the punishment for those who defame Prophet Muhammad in blogs.
From The Hindu http://bit.ly/XzGJYd

In Prime Minister Mode, Narendra Modi Spells Out Strategy On Main Issues
In an address to the FICCI FLo Organization, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi accused the Centre of poor governance and bias against non-Congress states while offering views, and some solutions, on a range of issues.
From The Hindustan Times http://bit.ly/10Ibt5V

‘Kissinger Cables’ Offer Window Into India’s Politics in 1970s
By Neha Thirani Bagri (@nehanotes)
From The New York Times http://nyti.ms/10Mvetn

Alarming Level Of Child Abuse, Neglect Prompt A Push For Guardianship Amendment
Children’s neglect and abuse have increased to an “alarming level”, compelling the the Maldives’ Ministry of Gender, Family and Human Rights to submit an amendment that would transfer parental guardianship of children in cases of negligence.
From Minivan News http://bit.ly/YH84Gm

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Rupee Strong, Bonds Flats
Sri Lanka’s rupee strengthened to one year high, amid seasonal conversions and weak demand, dealers said.
From Lanka Business News http://bit.ly/17nutfc


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