Highlights From South Asia News: April 10th, 2013

30 Deaths As Bangladesh Bus Plunges into River
30 people are feared dead as a bus plunged into the Rangamatia River in Bangladesh.
Australia Network News http://bit.ly/16NS8E7

Gunman Kills Policeman Guarding Polio Workers in Pakistan
By Salman Masood (@salmanmasood)
Policemen trying to protect polio vaccinators were shot and killed in Pakistan. While no one has claimed responsibility, the Taliban has attacked health advocates in the past.
From The New York Times http://nyti.ms/16SEZrD

Sri Lanka
Mainland Boat to Lure Others, fears Sri Lankan Navy
By Amanda Lodge and Lauren Wilson
The undetected voyage of Srilankan asylum seekers to Australia has caused a stir, increasing fears that more people will now embark on the dangerous journey.
From The Australian http://bit.ly/Z9TbMB

Rhino Population on a Rebound in Nepal’s National Chitwan Park
By Kraig Becker
Rhinoceros’s that had been a cause of concern as they were rapidly declining to a point of extinction has rebounded in numbers at the Chitwan National Park.
From Gadling http://aol.it/Ydooer

Myanmar to Probe Rohingya Flight
Myanmar is sending officials to Thailand to probe whether the 1,000 Rohingya migrants sheltered in Thailand are really from Myanmar. The Myanmar foreign ministry doubts they have fled from the Rakhine state.
From Bangkok Post http://bit.ly/10TVtwk

The Intricacies of Pak-Afghan Relations
By Jyoti Malhotra (@jomalhotra)
Malhotra questions the future of Pakistan- Afghanistan relationship, and traces the complicated history between the two countries
From The Express Tribute http://bit.ly/154diQz

Trouble in Paradise: The Darker Side of Maldives
By Eric Randolf (@EricWRandolf)
From the slitting of the throat of a gay blogger to the sentencing of a rape victim, religious extremism could be one of Maldives’s fundamental problems, writes Randolf.
From The Independent http://ind.pn/ZHt5nf

India Hires more Diplomats to Push Interests
By Vibhuti Agarwal
India, which has been criticized for its small diplomatic mission for the size of the country, is planning to increase diplomats to push interests.
From The Wall Street Journal http://on.wsj.com/16SIdLE

From the region

Poor Nations Fight, Rich Nations Pay

Bangladesh, Pakistan and India, in order, are the top three countries supplying troops to the 93,368-strong peacekeeping force followed by Nepal, and several African nations, and it is these soliders caught between the fire of the richer nations.

By Heather Timmons (@heathat) and Neha Thirani Bagri (@nehanotes)
From The New York Times http://nyti.ms/17s8T9e


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