Highlights From South Asia News: April 14th, 2013

China Makes Inroads in Nepal, and Stanches Tibetan Influx
By Edward Wong @comradewong
China is increasing its influence in Nepal as the Nepali government continues to make it more difficult for Tibetan refugees to migrate.
From New York Times http://nyti.ms/129j54e

Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Government Orders Extensive Investigation Into Attack Newspaper Press
The Sri Lankan government ordered an extensive investigation into the Saturday’s arson attack on the office of the Tamil daily, Uthayan in Jaffna.
From Colombo Page http://bit.ly/114Dcwm

Myanmar’s Muslims Fear Toxic Fallout of Reform
There is an increasing fear among Muslim’s in Myanmar for their lives and religion.
From Ahramonline/ AFP http://bit.ly/133Zgdk

Challenges of Security Handover: 
By Caroline Wyatt (@carolinewyatt)
As the west removes its troops from Afghanistan, the Afghan forces face the brunt of the ensuing war by the Taliban.
From BBC News http://bbc.in/YGyJ7f

Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Qatar: Pipelinisation at work
By Pepe Escobar
Escobar examines what the pipeline from Iran to Pakistan means for the region and the rest of the world.
Rt.com http://bit.ly/17afDFO

Prime Minister Sheik Hasina Vows To Maintain Bangladesh’s Secular Chara
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina vowed to keep Bangaldesh a “non-communal, secular country” amid countrywide celebrations today to mark the Bengali New Year, seen by right-wing Islamists as “anti-Islamic” practice.
From Zee News http://bit.ly/ZuLpZA

India, Maldives To Hold Defense Talks
India and Maldives are expected to discuss ways to strengthen their military ties during their Defence Minister-level talks between A.K. Anthony and Col. Mohammed Nazim starting April 15 2013
From LiveMint http://bit.ly/14nILO0

Coal Scam: Government Vetted Coal Report 

By Ritu Sarin
In the latest scam to shake the UPA government, The Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) found that the coal blocks allotment scandal had been vetted by Law Minister Ashwani Kumar and Prime Minister’s Office officials.
From The Indian Express http://bit.ly/131wgqm

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