Highlights From South Asia News: April 15th, 2013

Afghanistan: An Opium Growers Paradise
By Ilana Glazer (iglazer91)
Opium production has increased in Afghanistan again. The growth is in the south, an area controlled by the Taliban.
From The Daily Beast http://thebea.st/ZWLANh

UAE asked to Deny Visa to Nepalese Women Under 30
By Anwar Ahmed
After an outrage caused by the suicide of Nepali female workers in the UAE, the Nepali government banned women under thirty to go to UAE. The government is now pushing UAE to deny visas, as no such laws exist there.
From The National http://bit.ly/106qjYX

Myanmar Clean House- China’s Worst Nightmare?
By Gwen Robinson (@robinsonbkk)
As Myanmar signs Norway’s EITI, a business transparency initiative, this is making the Chinese government nervous, writes Robinson.
From Financial Times http://on.ft.com/17CgQca

Pakistan: Afghan Border Dispute ‘Amicably’ resolved
By Ayaz Gul
Pakistan has declared that the dispute between Afghanistan and Pakistan about the Durand stretch, a 2,400-meter border has been resolved.
From Voice of America http://bit.ly/ZtrGKJ

India, Maldives to Step up Defense Cooperation
As China makes strategic moves into Maldives, India has promised the island nation that it will help it beef up security.
Times of India http://bit.ly/137Ls5m

Mirza Baig Found Guilty in German Bakery Blasts Case 
By Amruta Byatnal (@amrutabyatnal)
Mirza Baig has been held guilty of killing 17 people and injuring 58 at the German Bakery blast in 2010.
From The Hindu http://bit.ly/YqSJWW

Bangladesh Factory Fire Victim Calls on Walmart to Pay Compensation
By Dave Jamieson (@dave_jamieson) and Emran Hossain ( @emranon)
Sumi Abedin, who broke her hand and leg during the factory fires in Bangladesh last year is in Capitol Hill demanding Walmart pay compensation to victims like herself, and families of those who passed away.
From The Huffington Post http://huff.to/118hg3A

Sri Lanka
Srilankan Daily Attacked Again, Twice in Two Weeks
The offices of Uthayan have been attacked twice in two weeks. Uthayan is aligned with the Tamil National Alliance.
Committee to Protect Journalists http://bit.ly/117cJRz


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