Highlights From South Asia News: April 18th, 2013

In Pakistan, Musharraf Placed Under House Arrest
By Jethro Mullen (@jethromullen) Nic Robertson (@nicrobertsoncnn) and Laura Smith Park  
Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has been placed under house arrest after the court rejected Musharraf’s request for an extension over the charges he is facing for arresting judges in 2007.
World Bank Locks Out SNC Lavalin Over Bangladesh Bribery Scandal
By Greg McArthur
The World Bank has slapped SNC with a 10-year ban on bidding for any of the bank’s development projects after discovering that it had tried to bribe Bangladeshi officers to win the bid for the construction of Padma Bridge.
The Globe and The Mail http://bit.ly/11jeH1x
Prachanda Meets Xi, Seeks For More Chinese Aid For Nepal
Maoist Leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal met Chinese President Xi Jinping in an effort to strengthen ties. He asked for more aid for Nepal’s development.
From Zee News http://bit.ly/14zXkOz
In Myanmar, A Paved Road Offers Hope For A Country in a War Torn Region
By Aye Aye Win
The construction of a paved road could connect the poor, hidden, war torn regions of the country to its development
From Washington Post/ Associated Press http://wapo.st/10lB9u4
Could Mining Bonanza be Afghanistan’s Next Source of Funding?
By Paige McClanahan (@paigemcclanahan)

As foreign aid declines and forces leave the region, Afghanistan is trying to find new ways to bring money. It is looking to harvest the 1 trillion dollar worth natural resources in the country.

From Christian Science Monitor http://bit.ly/102LK5K
SC Leaves Vedanta’s Fate in Tribal Deity’s Hands
By Dhananjay Mahaparta
The supreme court of India has decided that the fete of Vedanta mines will be left to the hand of locals, who will decide if they will allow mining activities.
From The Times of India http://bit.ly/ZvQd5b
Sri Lanka
38 Geraldton boat arrivals sent back to Sri Lanka
By Bianca Hall (@_biancah)

38 asylum seekers who made a 44-day long dangerous journey to get to Australia have been sent back by the Australian federal government.
From The Sydney Morning Herald http://bit.ly/ZB4lXJ
Orbital Slots to Sri Lanka, Maldives on Cards
By Devirupa Mitra
India might be pro-actively giving its remaining orbital slots to Sri Lanka and Maldives as worries about China’s influence on its neighbors is beginning to grip the nation.
From The New Indian Express http://bit.ly/Z2OLsa


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