Highlights From South Asia News: April 22, 2013

Rape Goes Up By 158%This Year, Most Culprits Unknown To Victims
According to statistics released by Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar on Monday, the city reported 463 cases of rape this year till April 15 as against 179 in the same period last year increasing the overall figure of crimes against women three-fold.
From The Hindustan Times http://bit.ly/15BkyTX

Abdul Hamid Elected Bangladesh President Uncontested
Veteran politician and current assembly speaker, Abdul Hamid, was elected unopposed as the country’s 20th President, a day after ruling Awami League nominated him for the position.
From The Times Of India http://bit.ly/XRP878

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka, India Coal Plant Back On Track
A disputed power purchase agreement for a joint venture coal plant with India’s National Thermal Power Corporation has been re-negotiated on fairer terms paving the way to the plant to go ahead, officials said.
From The Lanka Business Line http://bit.ly/11yJztE

Bhutan To Give Verdict On First Five Years Of Economy
The Himalayan country of Bhutan will elect its new parliament this week for only the second time in it’s history since the Buddhirst monarchy gave up absolute power.
From The Economic Times/AFP http://bit.ly/11yKCda

EU Lifts Myanmar Sacntions Despite Human Rights Concerns 

By Adrian Croft (@ReutersAdrianC) and Justyna Pawlak (@justynapawlak) 
The European Union agreed to lift all sanctions on Myanmar except for an arms embargo, despite a Human Rights Watch report which accused authorities of complicity in the mass killing of Muslims in the west of the country last year.
From Reuters http://reut.rs/ZiKu43

Aung San Suu Kyi Welcomes EU Lifting Sanctions
From BBC http://bbc.in/14KbUmE

Musharraf Wont be Charged, Pakistani Government Says
By Zarar Khan
Pakistan’s caretaker government has said it will not charge Musharraf with treason charges but will leave the decision to the next government that comes to power.
From Huffington Post http://huff.to/109MBBG

11 People abducted in Afghanistan After Chopper’s Forced Landing
By Hashmat Baktash (@hashmatbaktash) and Mark Magnier (@markmagnier)
The Taliban who captured the 8 Turkish nationals among others believe that those in the chopper are NATO soldiers posing as civilians. NATO has denied this.
From LA Times http://lat.ms/10uD6Va

Israeli Embassy in Nepal Arrests Suspected Iranian Spy 
The Israeli embassy in Nepal caught a man lurking around its premises. The man was a Iranian national that had entered Nepal by using a fake Israeli passport.
From The Jewish Press http://bit.ly/ZIGZ2o

Story: Multimedia 

‘I was 14 when I was Sold’ 
From BBC News http://bbc.in/13r8wIH 

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