Highlights From South Asia News: April 27, 2013

Bangladesh Factory Collapse: police detain owners as death toll exceeds 350
By Syed Zain Al- Mahmood
The death toll in the Bangladesh factory collapse has crossed 352. The police have detained the owners of the building.
From The Guardian http://bit.ly/YcOGTs

India Anger Over Sarabjit Singh Attack in Pakistan Jail 
The attack on Sarabjit Singh, who faces death row in Pakistan for being an Indian spy has caused an outrage in Jammu, India. Singh was attacked by inmates, and is in coma.
From BBC News http://bbc.in/10Ivdvt

Four Service Members killed in Afghanistan Crash
By Talia Kayali (@CNNtalia)
A plane crashed in Afghanistan killing four members of the NATO
From CNN http://bit.ly/12PRwgE

Afghans Stranded in Pakistan’s No-Man’s Land 
By Asad Hashim (@Asadhashim)
Afghan refugees in Pakistan are returning to their homeland. Many of them have never set foot in their country- Afghanistan.
From Aljazeera http://aje.me/ZMPInx

Sri Lanka
Canada Still Poised to Boycott Sri Lanka’s Commonwealth Meet Over Human Rights
By Campbell Clark (@camrclark)
The Canadian government is set to boycott November’s commonwealth leader’s summit in Sri Lanka because of a human right abuses and a lack of democratic accountability in Sri Lanka.
The Globe and Mail http://bit.ly/11LVN3x

Nepal’s Development Requires Cooperation From India, China
In an interview with Gyanu Adhikari, Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal,speaks about Nepal’s peace
process and the complicated relationship between India and Nepal.
The Hindu http://bit.ly/15OFAie

Japanese PrimeMinister Abe To Visit Myanmar Next Month
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plans to boost aid in Myanmar and counter growing Chinese influence in the country.
From Eleven http://bit.ly/11sDMWg

India Remembers the Judge Who Helped Toughen Up Rape Laws
By Krista Mahr (@kristamahr)
From TIME http://ti.me/YcOiEq

Maldives Faces “significant” Human Right Challenges despite considerable progress: Amnesty International
After a nine day visit to Maldivs, Amnesty International has announced that while the country has made progress economically, there are significant human right challenges that it needs to address.
From Minivan News http://bit.ly/125oXrE


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