Highlights From South Asia News: May 4, 2013

Five American Soldiers Killed by roadside bomb in Afghanistan
By Hashmat Baktash and Mark Magnier
Five American soldiers died in southern Afghanistan when a roadside bomb hit their car
LA Times http://lat.ms/12BUEJp

Scientists Use DNA from poop to track rare tigers
By Kate Sheppard
Because Bengal tigers are elusive, scientists have found a way to track them by pulling genetic data out of their poop.
Mother Jones http://bit.ly/11JVuEM

Misinformed, Misunderstood
By Anurag Acharya
Nepal’s federalism dialogue is unnecessarily trivialized with extreme arguments, argues Acharya.
Nepal Times http://bit.ly/168hDTg

Amnesty Demands Maldives Commute Juvenile’s Death Sentence
Amnesty demands that Maldives must stop the death sentence put on two men for a murder they committed when they were juveniles.
Zee News http://bit.ly/YvuwUE

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s Abused Worthy of Help
By Chris Johnson
Sydney Morning Herald http://bit.ly/Ym36yo

Pakistan’s Women Face Battle For The Right to Vote
By Tracy McVeigh
Leaflets have been circulated in Pakistan, asking men not to allow their wives and daughers to vote. This has increased fear about women’s voting rights in the country.
The Guardian http://bit.ly/123SyV7

Indonesia Says Two Arrested For Myanmar Embassy Plot
By Niniek Karmani
Two militants were arrested for plotting an attack in Myanmar embassy in Indonesia. Soon, hundreds of hardliner muslims gathered calling for a fight against persecution of their Islamic brothers.
ABC News/ AP http://abcn.ws/16EEW7a

Salman Kurshid in Tehran; India, Iran decide to give major push to Bilateral Relations
The two sides have decided to work on a trilateral transit agreement between India, Iran and Afghanistan.
The Times of India http://bit.ly/Ym3RHD


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