Highlights From South Asia News: May 9, 2013

Latest Bangladesh Factory Fire kills owner, seven others
By Calum Mcleod and Jayne O’ Donnell
As people are still retrieving bodies from the first garment factory collapse, a fire in another factory led to eight deaths today.
USA Today http://usat.ly/131FX2F

Sanaullah Follows Sarabjit’s Horrifying Route to Death
Sanaullah Ranjay, a Pakistani prisoner was attacked brutally in his jail cell in Jammu, India. He died because of multiple organ failure. This is apparently a revenge attack for the death of Indian prisoner- Sarabjit Singh in Pakistan.
Times of India http://bit.ly/YIDApi

Son of Former Pakistani Leader is Abducted as Campaign Nears End
By Salmaan Masood
Former Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has been kidnapped in Islamabad, Pakistan.
New York Times http://nyti.ms/195483z

Afghanistan to Allow US Bases To Remain
President Hamid Karzai has said that he will allow the US to keep nine bases after American troops pull out in 2014.
Aljazeera http://aje.me/10eifSU

Maldives Approaching Critical Juncture With Upcoming Elections: UN Official
The upcoming elections will determine Maldives move towards democracy, said Oscar Fernandez-Taranco, the assistant secretary general for political affairs.
From UN http://bit.ly/10v8Kf9

Nepal to Blacklist Foreigners Working Without a Permit
The government has announced that it will start blacklisting foreigners working without a foreign visa in Nepal.
Newstrackindia/ Xinhua http://usat.ly/131FX2F

Sri Lanka 

Battling Our Own Brothers From Accross the Sea, say Sri lankan Tamil Fisherman 
By Meera Srinivasan
Sri Lankan Tamil fishermen feel the pressure in sea by their Indian Tamil counterpart. They feel threatened as Indian fishermen breach borders and take the fish.
The Hindu http://bit.ly/176ntoh

Seven Shot dead over Myanmar Bomb Plot in Indonesia
The Indonesian police shot seven suspects. Several are suspects on the plot to bomb the Myanmar embassy.
The Australian http://bit.ly/18x7YEX


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