Highlights From South Asia News: May 10, 2013

Woman Rescued in Bangladesh Rubble 17 days after Building Collapse
By Julfikar Ali Manik
A woman named Reshma was found alive in the basement of a building 17 days after the Bangladesh building collapse.  More than 1000 people have died.
New York Times http://nyti.ms/Yzwxgv
Nepal Hunts Tiger After Deadly Double attack
A wild tiger has killed two people in Nepal. A 75 year old man was apparently dragged out of his hut and made prey.
Global Post/ AFP http://bit.ly/10nYqof
India rail minister quits amid bribery scandal
Pawan Kumar Bansal has quit a day after his nephew was arrested for accepting a $165,000 bribe.
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan President to Leave For Uganda to Attend the Commonwealth Local Government Conference
President Mahendra Rajapaksa is leaving for Uganda to strengthen bi-lateral ties. He hopes to promote sugar production with Lugazi sugar cooperation.
Peninsula Eyes Old Burma Railway HQ
By Rosia Gogan Keogh
Peninsula Hotels have reached an agreement with Singapore based Yoma Strategic holdings to build a five star hotel in Myanmar. The proposal is to renovate the Burma Railway Headquarters, a historical colonial building.
Germany: Chancellor Merkel on Visit to Afghanistan
Angela Merkel made a surprise visit to her German troops in northern Afghanistan. Merkel also emphasized on Berlin’s intention to continue military involvement in Afghanistan post 2014- when US troops are to withdraw. 
Mosquito App to Bite Poll Cheats
By Jon Boone (@jon_boone) 
A mobile app designed to hunt dengue-spreading Mosquitoes will now be used to monitor irregularities in Saturday’s elections.
 The Guardian http://bit.ly/10LzTt8
Pakistan Set For Historic, unpredictable Elections
By Sebastian Abbot (@sebabbot) 
More than 130 people have been killed leading up to the Pakistani elections. The historic election has remained unpredictable as Imran Khan, a cricket legend has challenge the status of 2 main political parties. Read the full story:


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