News Highlights From South Asia: May 21, 2013

Report: Life in Prison Sought For Suspects in Bangladesh Collapse
By Alexandra Zavis
The nine people arrested in the Bangladesh building collapse might get a life sentence.
From LA Times

Nepal Furious About Phone Call Atop Everest
By John Johnson
Nepal tourist officials are angry because a British official gave bbc a video -titled the world’s first live video call.
From Newser

China is Not A Threat To India, Li Keqiang says
Chinese Premire says that India and China are not threats to each other.
From Times of India

Muslims Linked to Riots Given Prison Terms in Myanmar
By Thomas Fuller
Seven Muslim men were charged with a religious violence in Myanmar.
From New York Times

India Offers More Aid For Afghanistan
India will provide more aid and support to Afghanistan as western troops prepare to withdraw.
From Aljazeera

Pakistan Sets Sight on India For Growth
By Affan Chowdhry
Pakistan’s newly elected Nawaz Sharif will look to India for growth and investment.
From The Globe and Mail

US Seeks Defense Agreement With Maldives
The US is pressuring the Maldivian government to sign a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) to build military bases in the island country.
World Socialist Website


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