News Highlights From South Asia: May 22nd, 2013

Can Engaging With Gang Members in the Maldives Break Cycle of violence?
By Gita Sabharwal
Fear of gang violence has increased in Maldives because of upcoming elections.
From Asia Foundation
Report on Deadly Factory Collapse in Bangladesh Finds Widespread Blame 
By Jim Yardley 
A four hundred page report on the collapse of the Bangladesh factory collapse found widespread fault in the country.
From New York Times
Japan Keen to Bolster N-ties With India
By Sachin Parashar
As Primeminister Manmohan Singh prepares to visit Japan next week, the country has announced it plans to remain committed to nuclear cooperation.
Times Of India
Muslim Legistalor’s Murder Sparks Protest in Nepal
A 55 year old muslim constitution assembly member was killed in cold blood. The death has sparked protests by muslims in the country.
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka President’s Son Faces Rugby Misconduct Claims
By Charles Haviland
Sri Lankan authorities are investigating claims that President Mahindra Rajapaksa’s son assaulted a refree.
UN Urges Action To End Child Soldiers in Myanmar
Ban Ki Moon urged Myanmar’s President Thein Sein to end child soldiers on the president’s visit to Washington.
From ABC News/ Reuters
Afghanistan’s Karzai Gives India Military Equipment ‘wish list’
By Ross Colvin
President Hamid Karzai gave a wishlist of military equipment during his visit to India.


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