Highlights From South Asia News: May 31, 2013

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka, Thailand Agree On Defense and Maritime Security
Prime Minister of Thailand Yingluck Shinawatra met Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the Presidential Secretariat and agreed to enhance cooperation on defense and maritime security between the two nations.
From Colombo Page http://bit.ly/11IzP3Z

Unions Press to End Special Trade Status for Bangladesh

After the recent building collapse in Bangladesh killed over 1,000 people, labor advocates are stepping up pressure on the Obama administration, calling for it to convey its disapproval of working conditions in the country by revoking its special trade status.
By Ian Urbina
From The New York Times http://nyti.ms/10Ff9bu

Q&A: Desconstructing The Chaos In Bangladesh, with Tazreena Sajjad
By Ben Piven (@benpiven)
From Al Jazeera http://aje.me/18EUkPd

Myanmar’s Opposition Leader Aung San Su Kyii Speaks Out 
Aung San Suu Kyi openly criticized the governments policies and said that the government’s much-lauded reforms were moving too slowly.
By Simon Roughneen (@simonroughneen)From The Christian Science Monitor http://bit.ly/1aK6q8W

Behind The Bars: Inside The Shelter For The Maldives’ Unregistered Expats
Officials at the shelter estimate there are presently some 40,000 unregistered foreigners working in the country – a huge proportion given that a third of the Maldives’ population are foreign workers.

By Neil Merret (@rasta_man_sage)

From Minivan News http://bit.ly/13rkLF3

NATO To Hold 2014 Summit On Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal
NATO countries will hold a summit next year to discuss troop withdrawals from Afghanistan, U.S. President Barack Obama said on Friday after a meeting with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

By Roberta Rampton (@robertarampton)From Reuters http://reut.rs/19uomXn

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Condemns US Drone Attack On Taliban
Pakistan’s incoming Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, has condemned a suspected US drone strike which killed the Taliban’s second-in-command, Waliur Rahman.From BBC http://bbc.in/117Doe7

Nepal Elections: 139 Political Parties Register
Out of the 139 political parties registered with Nepal’s Election Commission to contest the November election, 76 will contest elections for the first time.From Zee News http://bit.ly/17G8Zwt

Friday Fall: BSE Sensex Tanks 455 Points, Inflation Increases
Stocks collapsed today with the BSE tumbling to the biggest drop in 15 months after the Reserve Bank Of India’s poor inflation outlook and GDP falling to decade’s low came as double whammy to investors betting on rate cut.
From The Indian Express http://bit.ly/11cVJr6

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