News Highlights From South Asia: June 4, 2013

American Woman Allegedly Gang Raped in India
By Neha Sharma
An American woman was allegedly gang raped in northern India after she accepted a ride with three men in a truck.
From CNN

Glimmer of Hope For a Cash Starved Pakistan Economy as Sharif Takes Over
By Thomas Janowski
Yahoo/ Reuters

Tibetan Refugees in Nepal Crying Out For Documentation
Refugees who have lived in Nepal for decades and were born there have no easy way to get a citizenship in Nepal.
From Irin News

Human Right Groups Oppose U.S Trade Benefits For Myanmar
Human right advocates have urged President Obama to not extend trade benefits to Myanmar as the country has not yet created laws to protect citizen rights.
From Reuters

In Afghanistan, Women Denied their inheritance, now have a champion
The practice of cheating Afghan women from their inheritance is now being tackled by a 30 day pilot program on television and radios. The project is being funded by the US government.
From Idaho Statesman

Ahead of Polls in Maldives, Gayoom meets Indian PM Manmohan Singh
Maldives former dictator, who will have a key roll to play in the upcoming elections visited New Delhi as a part of a outreach program.
From Times of India

Sri Lanka
Packer’s 350million Sri Lanka Gamble Confirmed
Gambling tycoon James Packer is investing 350 million in the country’s tourism industry.
From Sydney Morning Herald

UK Announces 18 million pounds in aid for Bangladesh factory workers
The UK will donate 18 million pounds to help train Bangladesh factory workers.
From BBC news


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