News Highlights From South Asia: June 11, 2013

Car Bomb Outside Afghanistan’s Supreme Court Kills atleast 17
By Kevin Sieff
A car bomb killed 17 as it blew outside Kabul’s supreme court. The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack, and said it was a statement for judges who punish insurgents too harshly.
From Washington Post

Pakistan Knocked Out of Champions Trophy as India Reach Semi-Finals
India has reached the semi finals of the champions trophy as they defeated Pakistan in a match today.

Myanmar Finally Takes a Seat at its Own Oil and Gas Feast
By Wayne Arnold
Myanmar will be pumping $45 million worth of oil and gas a day in a few months. Although China will be consuming most of its energy, Myanmar too is on its way.
From Reuters 

Sri Lanka
Top Sri Lanka Officer Held Over Contract Killing
Deputy Inspector-General Vaas Gunawardena has been given a 90 day detention order for his alleged involvement in the killing of Mohamed Shiyam.
From BBC

Government Scuttles Male City’s Council’s Tiawanese Sister City Agreement, Pledges Support for One China Policy
By JJ Robinson
The government has denounced Male city council’s decision to become sister states with Taiwan, upholding the one china policy.
From Minivan News

41.57 Percent Make it Through SLC
By Nirajana Sharma
The SLC pass percentage went to a five year low as only 40 percent of the total examinee’s passed the exam. The SLC is a measure of the end of high school education in Nepal.
From Republica 

India to Seek Details from US about Snooping Reports
As reports suggest that India is the fifth most monitored country by the NSA, the foreign ministry has said it will take issues to the US government.
From Times of India

Bangladesh Says Seven Failed to Check Doomed Factories
Seven inspectors have been suspended for negligence for failing to renew the licenses of garment factories in a building that collapsed in April, killing more than 1,100 people,
From USA Today


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