News Highlights From South Asia: June 15, 2013

Nepal Constituent Assembly Elections Set For November 19
The constituent assembly elections will be held in Nov. 19, the government has announced. The new constitution assembly will be responsible for forming a constitution.
From UPI

Crew of Sunken Boat Carrier To Return to Maldives Tonight
By Hussain Fiyaz Moosa
The crew of the Maldivian bulk carrier that drifted in the sea as the engine of their boats failed will return to Maldives today.
From Haveeru

Expect More Attacks on Foreigners in Afghanistan, Warns Deputy Commander
By Amie Ferris Rotman
Armed Forces in Afghanistan think the attack on foreigners is going to increase. There were two high profile attacks on aid organizations recently.
From Reuters

Attacks Test New Pakistani Government
By Salman Masood
As Islamists blew up a bus carrying female students and later resorted to attacking a hospital complex where they were taken, the new government led by Nawaz Sharif faces a new challenge of containing islamists.
From New York Times

A Myanmar in Transition Says Little of Past Abuses
By Thomas Fuller
Myanmar’s former dictators are living in secluded compounds, enjoying the riches of their military days. The poor are still poor, and the old elites are still in control of the country’s riches.
New York Times

India Cruise to Win Over Pakistan
By Justin Goulding
India beat Pakistan by eight wickets in the Champions Trophy. They will be entering the semis.
From BBC

Sri Lanka
Post- War Sri Lanka Still Fails To Score on Peace
By Jehan Perera
Four years after the war has ended in Srilanka, it still ranks as 110 among 162 countries surveyed for eradication of terrorism.
From Sunday Leader

Tesco Stops Sourcing From a Bangladesh Factory due to Safety Concerns
Tesco, a British based super-market chain has stopped sourcing clothes from a factory in Bangladesh after discovering severe problems with the safety.
From Reuters


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