Highlights From South Asia News: June 17, 2013

Maldives Anti Corruption Watchdog Rules Out Corruption in GMR Deal
By Ahmed Naif
The Maldives anti-corruption watchdog has ruled out any corruption in the deal that gives the country’s only international airport to Indian infrastructure giant GMR Group.
From Haveeru Online http://bit.ly/1ane77P

Why India’s Main Opposition Alliance is in Disarray
By Soutik Biswas
The Janta Dal and the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Bihar parted on Sunday after 17 years of partnership. The separation comes after rattling about Gujrat’s Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s position as the head of BJP for the next elections.
From BBC News http://bbc.in/10s2PNJ

Myanmar’s Old Friend China is Left Wondering Where It Went Wrong
By Jamil Anderlini
As the world enters Myanmar, the Chinese presence is visibly diminishing in the country. When countries around the world gathered for Burma’s first ever World Economic Forum, Chinese presence was relatively missing.
From Financial Times http://on.ft.com/13W9Lzh

Concern Over Online Quran Teaching As Ex-Pakistan Militants Instruct Pupils
By Jon Boone
Hardcore Islamists from Pakistan have access to children in the west- through the Internet. They have been giving lessons on the Internet.
From The Guardian http://bit.ly/15ejUXt

Danger of Everest Begins At Tiny Nepal Airstrip
By Binaj Gurubacharya and Niranjan Shrestha
In Nepal’s Lukla airport, passengers are relieved everytime the plane lands. The airport at an altitude of 2,843 meters is the gateway to Everest and one of the most dangerous airports.
From Newsday http://bit.ly/11HDCZM

US Ambassador Proud he helped convince Canada to Stay in Afghanistan
By Campbell Clark
US Ambassador David Johnson played a big role in convincing Harper’s government to send 950 troops to Afghanistan so Canada’s exit would not be abrupt.
From The Globe and The Mail http://bit.ly/ZYWMxx

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Hold Their Nerve to Reach Semi Final
By Daniel Brettig
Sri Lanka defeated Australia reaching the semi-finals of the Champions Trophy.
From Espncricinfo http://es.pn/11utDrE

London Summit Highlight’s Bangladesh’s Potential
In an international summit in London yesterday, Bangladesh’s potential as a top destination for investment and the challenges it faces were discussed.
From The Daily Star http://bit.ly/18TVoSZ


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