News Highlights From South Asia: June 18, 2013

18 Killed, 14 Missing in Floods, Landslides
As a heavy rainfall lashed the country for the past 3 days, 18 people in Western Nepal have died as a result of landslides.
From Republica

Outrage as Pakistan’s Mount Veron is Destroyed by Militants
By Wajahat S Khan
One of Pakistan’s most revered architectural landmarks- the resting place of Pakistan’s founding father has been destroyed by militants causing outrage.
From NBC News

Especially Grim Encephalitis Toll Feared in India
The mosquito bourne disease has hit northern India, and officials fear it could be the deadliest outbreak in nearly a decade.
From USA Today

Sri Lanka
Familiar Tale of Resurgence
From Sreedutta Chidananda
Although Sri Lanka began meekly in the Champions Cup, it is now back on the path of resurgence after defeating Australia.
From The Hindu

Peace Talks A Fragile State in Afghanistan
From Washington Post

UN Concerned Over 14,000 Displaced in Myanmar
Around 14,000 people have been displaced from the Rakhine state of Myanmar.
From The Nation

In Bangladesh, A Year of Living Dangerously
By Zia Hassan
Hassan explores the Bangladesh War Crime Tribunal that has re-opened wounds of the past.
From The Hindu


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