News Highlights From South Asia: June 19, 2013


Dairies Operating Without License
By Kriti Bhuju
Of the 800 dairies that are open nationwide, only 26 have a license from the Department of Food, Technology and Quality Control.
From Republica

Kashmir Border: Pakistani Girl Dies in India Firing
A nine year old girl has been killed after a mortar shelling from India. Pakistan claims the shelling was unprovoked. There has been no response from the Indian side.
From BBC

Barack Obama has Given Taliban The Upper Hand in Afghanistan
By Con Coughlin
The Telegraph

Myanmar Constitution Likely To Dash Suu Kyi’s Presidential Hopes
By Jared Ferrie
To run for elections in 2015, Suu Kyi must convince the military dominated parliament to change the constitution. Even if she does so, she could face a voter backlash by a growing Muslim-Buddhist divide in the nation.
From Reuters

Why India Trails China
By Amartya Sen
While India might be the largest democracy in the world that is widely successful, the hope that India might overtake China in the near future is a distant one, argues Sen.

Prayers to Drive Out Ghost At Bangladesh Garment Factory
Owners of a garment factory in Ghazipur were forced to conduct prayers after 3,500 employees stopped work after claims that a ghost had attacked some workers in the ladies room.
From News Info/AFP

Sri Lanka
Champions Trophy: Rain or Shine, It’s a Gloomy Forecast For Sri Lanka
By Stephen Brenkley
From The Independent

Mega Maldives Negotiating With Tax Authorities Over Account Freezing Dispute
By Mohamed Nahee
Despite Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) action against Mega Maldives airlines , the plane continues to fly to and fro from China.
From Minivan News


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