News Highlights From South Asia: June 22, 2013

Monsoon Flooding Kills Nearly 600 in India
By Rafiq Maqbool
Atleast 600 people have died after heavy monsoon flooding in Northern India. 556 bodies have been buried deep in slush, and 40 have been recovered from the river ganges. Rescue operations are underway.
From USA Today


GMR seeks 1.4 Billion in Damages From Maldives 
After a wrongful termination from its 25-year contract, Indian infrastructure GMR sought a compensation of 1.4 billion from Maldives.
From Deccan Chronicle

Flood, Landslides Kills 39 in Nepal
By Mark Sundeen
40 people have died and 20 have gone missing as a landslide struck northern Nepal. At the same time, 400 Nepali pilgrims are stranded in India’s Uttarakhand state.
From Press TV

Religious School Bombing Kills 14 in Pakistan
By Salman Masood
Fourteen people were killed and 28 were injured by a Shiite religious attack in a school in northwesten Pakistan.
From New York Times

Photo Essay
Bangladesh Collapse Left Many Amputees
Rescuers used butcher knives and hacksaws to perform amputations on victims of the Bangladesh collapse.
From Yahoo News

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Imposes New Gold Import Tax
Sri Lanka has announced a 10 percent tax on all gold imports to curb smuggling to India.
From Fox News

Buddhist Monk Wirathu Leads Violent National Campaign Against Myanmar’s Muslims
Witharu, a famous monk leads sermons against the Muslims- calling for a preservation of the buddhist religion.
From Global Post

Taliban Consider Canceling Talks With US and Afghanistan
By Rod Nordland
After criticism of the flag and the formal name at their new office in Qatar, the Taliban were considering whether to cancel peace talks with Americans and the Afghan government.
From New York Times


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