News Highlights From South Asia: June 22, 2013

Flood Toll Reaches 1000 in India as Thousands More Await Rescue
By Basharat Peer
More than 1000 people have died as a result of flashfloods in North India. Thousands are still missing.
From New York Times

Afghanistan Urges Pakistan to Free Taliban Prisoners if it Wants Peace
The Afghan foreign ministry has issued a statement saying that Pakistan could secure peace with Afghanistan by freeing a dozen senior Taliban prisoners.
From Reuters

Concerns Over ‘inexperienced’ Trekking Porters in Nepal
Trekking agencies are finding it difficult to find experienced porters who can help carry tourist equipment. The experienced porters are moving to the city for better jobs.
From BBC

Primark Backs Safety Drive in Wake of Bangladesh Factory Disaster
By Sarah Butler
Primark, a retail manufacturing company has warned to pull out of Bangladesh if the country does not improve its manufacturing standards. Primark is one of the 40 brands that produced closed in the Rana Plaza that collapsed killing more than 1,100 people.
From The Guardian

Resorts Hope For End to “Food and Beverage Nightmare” as Maldives Supplier Runs out of Gas
By Neil Merrett
A shortage of LPG gas has caused major problems in the food industy. Resorts have altered their menus and closed down restaurants.
From Minivan News

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka to Raise Safety Concerns With UK Government
LLTE fans assaulted Sri Lankan fans at Cardiff immediately after Thursday’s semi final clash with India in the on going ICC Champions Trophy cricket tournament. Sri Lanka will raise safety concerns with the UK government.
From Economic Times

Myanmar is Getting Wired
By Anya Kamenetz
A country that has 10 percent mobile penetration is going to have 80 percent mobile penetration in two years. At the same time, 60 million people prepare to go online for the first time.
From Fast Company

A bomb aplenty- But No Lights To See Them By
Pakistan is often in the news for bomb attacks, but missing from the headlines is the country has an energy crisis. The nation has no power for 20 hours a day sometimes.
From RT


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