News Highlights From South Asia: June 24, 2013

Pakistan PM Backs Treason Charge Against Ex-President Musharraf
Primeminister Nawaz Sharif intends to put former military dictator Pervez Musharraf on trail. Sharif’s statement in the parliament is likely to anger armed forces.
From Reuters

China to Support Poll, Invest in Hydropower, Toursim
By Kosh Raj Koirala
In appreciation of Nepal’s one China policy, the Chinese government has pledged support for the constituent assembly elections on Nov.19, along with a support for tourism and hydropower.
From Republica

Myanmar to Preserve Buildings of the British Raj
By Flora Bagenal
As the country opens up after years of sanction, there is a growing concern that the colonial era architecture will be bulldozed.
From CS Monitor

Kerry Assures India and Its Neighbors That US Will Not Abandon Afghanistan
By Karen De Young and Ernesto Londano
John Kerry said that the US plans to continue supporting the Afghan military even after it withdraws combatants in 2014.
From Washington Post

India Flood Rescue Hindered By Rain and Landslides
By Basharat Peer
Floods in Uttarakhand have limited efforts to rescue flood victims. India’s home minister has said that  a 1000 people could be found dead once the debris is cleared.
From New York Times

Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Disputes Refugee Claims
Sri Lankan foreign minister says he cant guarantee the safety of refugees who return to Sril Lanka after failed asylum. Foreign minister GL Peiris says if foreign countries reject them, they might not be in danger after all.
From ABC News

Maldives Failing to Uphold International Human Right Obligations: Forum Asia
The NGO forum Asia evaluated core rights in Maldives and found that the country has failed to uphold its obligations to core international human rights treaties related to freedom of expression, assembly and association.
From Minivan News

Union Wants Accord on Bangladesh Safety
The textile union has called leading Australian retailers including Coles, Rivers and Forever New to sign an accord on building safety. Coles and Rivers are yet to sign the accord.


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