News Highlights From South Asia: June 29, 2013

Tata Reaffirms Commitment To Stalled Maldives Housing Project
By Neil Merrett
Indian corporate giant Tata has confirmed that it remains invested in Apex Realty PVT ltd, a Maldives joint venture established under the previous government.
From Minivan News
Justice Elusive in A Bangladesh Factory Disaster
By Jim Yardley
Delowar Hossain, who has been blamed for factory fires last November in Bangladesh’s Tazreen Fashions that killed 112 people, has not faced any prison sentence.
From New York Times
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Man Dies From Heart Attack After Receiving Hiked Up Electricity Bill
A 61 year old man had a heart attack after receiving an electricity bill with a 50 percent tariff.
From Telegraph
Myanmar Telecom Deal With Qatar Firm Sparks Ire
Monks and other Buddhists in Myanmar demanded to know why a lucrative mobile license has gone to a company from a Muslim nation.
From The Hindu
Pakistan Christian Girl Accused of Blasphemy Moved Over To Canada Over Security Fears: Lawyer
A Christian girl accused of burning the Koran has fled to Canada over security Concerns.
From The Globe and the Mail
China Talks Two Day Border Talks With India “Constructive and Fruitful”
By Saibal DasGupta
From Times of India
Renewed Nepali Trade Route Draws Regional Ire
Trade between Nepal and China has grown 75 percent in the last 3 years. This has caused neighbors to be worried about China’s growing influence on the continent.

From Aljazeera

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