News Highlights From South Asia: July 14, 2013

Bangladesh War Crimes Verdict On A Dock
With a verdict expected for one of Bangladesh’s most prominent war crimes defendants on Monday, the case of a defense witness who disappeared for six months before turning up in an Indian prison has raised questions about the integrity of the controversial tribunal.
From Al Jazeera

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka President Calls For Harnessing Prisoner’s Creativity To Contribute To Economy
Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa said the creativity the inmates in the country’s prisons possess should be harnessed to make a positive contribution to the society.
From The Colombo Page

India Now Nigeria’s Biggest Crude Oil Buyer
India now leads the United States in the purchase of crude oil from Nigeria, Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria Mahesh Sachdev has said.
From The Economic Times 

India To Restore Bhutan Fuel Subsidy Soon
The stunning victory of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Bhutan’s second democratic elections has raised hopes of an early settlement to the situation arising out of India’s withdrawal of subsidy on its supply of LPG and kerosene.
From The Times Of India

Afghanistan Senators Urge Washington To Keep Troops Passed 2014
On Sunday, Afghan Senators called the “zero option” a threat to the security of Afghanistan and implored the U.S. fulfill its previous commitments to keeping a residual force in the country post-2014 saying that the presence of foreign troops in the country post-2014 would be essential to averting security threats from neighbouring countries.
By Rafi SediqiFrom TOLO News

Myanmar Signs Treaty With Wa Rebels
Kyanmar’s government signed a deal with ethnic rebels in the remote Wa region in the Shan state on Friday, according the Kyemon daily newspaper.From Global Post

Election Commission To Take Submissions For Presidential Candidates
The Elections Commission (EC) has announced it will open the opportunity for presidential candidates to formally file their candidacy at the commission to contest in the presidential elections, beginning from next Monday until July 24.From Minivan News

Nepal Budget for 2013-14 Focusses On CA-Polls, Hydropower
Nepal today announced a NRs 506 billion budget for 2013-14, allocating Rs 16 billion for conducting the much-awaited Constituent Assembly polls in November. 
From The Business Standard

At Least Ten Suspected Militants Killed As Pakistan Air Force Strikes Hideouts
At least ten suspected militants were killed and 12 others injured as Pakistani jet fighters targeted nine militants hideouts in Khyber tribal region and Darra Adam Khel.Zahir Sherazi

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