News highlights From South Asia: July 29, 2013

Militants Attack Prison in Northwest Pakistan
By Ismail Khan 
Militants attacked a major prison in Northwestern Pakistan in a apparent bid to free militant prisoners.
From New York Times

Tiger Population Leaps in Nepal as Countries Fight to Halt Extinction
The number of wild tigers in Nepal has leapt. There are 198 Royal Bengal Tigers now, 63 percent more than 4 years ago.
From LA Times

Heart Surgery in India for $1,583 costs $106,385 in the US
By Ketaki Gokhale
Devi Shetty, a doctor in India is doing everything possible to cut costs of a heart surgery in India.
From Bloomberg

Australia Asylum Rules Hit Sri Lanka Migrants
Sri Lankan’s take great risk travelling to Australia, only to be sent back by the government. A man recounts how he feels like the only way out is suicide.
From BBC News

Afghanistan Eyes Iran Deal to Boost Trade to Europe, India
Afghanistan hopes an agreement with Iran to use one of its ports will help boost exports to Europe and India and reduce its dependence on Pakistan.
From Reuters

India to Set Up Military Cooperation With Myanmar
India plans to assist Myanmar in building off-shore patrol vessels for Myanmarese armed forces.This is a part of the country’s overall policy to counter chinese strategic moves in the country.
From Times of India

Bangladesh Struggles to Inspect Thousand of Garment Factories
By Nandita Bose
While Bangladesh agencies have started inspecting 5,600 factories in the country, there is little coordination and only a few hundred have been checked because of a lack of manpower.
From The Globe and the Mail


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