INDIA: A breakdown of Arvind Kerjiwal’s Resignation

ArvindToday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kerjiwal who threatened to quit if an anti- corruption did not pass this week has resigned.

Some Facts:

  • Kerjiwal accused both BJP and congress for not wanting to pass the Jana Lokpal bill, which is the anti- corruption bill.
  • Only 27 MLA’s favored the bill out of 70. The bill as a result was not introduced in the house.
  • Kejriwal was chief minister for 49 days.


“I am ready to make 1000 sacrifices to fight corruption,” he said in his speech before his resignation at the Delhi assembly.

“I can surrender the chief minister’s post not once but 100 times. We are not here to save our government but to save the nation from corruption,” he said,  just an hour before he wrote his resignation letter.

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