Follow Mysterious Bhutan on Twitter

By Shiwani Neupane 

The Kingdom of Bhutan may be the mysterious nation settled in the heart of the himalayans, but isn’t as isolated from the rest of the world as it used to be. The kingdom known for its “peace”  has also come under a lot of scrutiny after expelling 1/5th of its Nepali population in the name of preserving its Tibetan Buddhist culture.

Today, voices of dissent along with voices from the government are widely available on the internet. After a few months of monitoring Bhutan on Twitter, we came up with a list of top eight Twitter accounts to follow for news on Bhutan.

1. Bhutan Observer

Bhutan Observer is good for news on Bhutan’s trans-national relations.

2. Bhutan News Service

This is a website run by Bhutanese refugees that have settled in the US. The twitter handle often links to news and op-eds on living as refugees.

3. Namgay Zam

Zam writes in English, in both her blog and her Twitter. She is a supporter of Monarchy and tweets regularly about daily life in Bhutan.

4. Bhutan Broadcasting

The Twitter account of Bhutan Broadcasting is good for links to their live-videos. The links sometimes take you to a Bhutanese language page, which can be difficult to understand sometimes.

5. The Bhutanese

The Bhutanese calls itself an investigative news network, and delivers breaking news to op-eds. We like the editorials!

6. Business Bhutan

A great source of business news from Bhutan. The tweets provide great summaries of on-going business news, but our only issue is that the website does not work.

7. Bhutan Times

This is a website made by anonymous Bhutanese bloggers (in their own words). We like them because they are funny, and always have witty replies (and a very active twitter feed).

8. Dorji Wangchuk

Wangchuk is a journalist by choice (in his own words). He is quite diplomatic and polite in his twitter feed, but also posts pictures from the ground, which we love!

If you disagree on the list, or think someone should be added, message us! If you are interested in writing about Bhutan or other South Asian countries, email us at We are on the lookout for the best contributors to our site. 

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