Who are you?  

Two years ago, two friends at the Columbia Journalism School realized that they loved South Asia more than any other part of the world, but noticed that they couldn’t find an in-depth analysis of the region in any publication. We started Story South Asia as a result. To learn more about who runs our site day to day, check the contributors page. Without the hard-work of a dedicated team who believe in the idea, we would never be able to do what we do.

Why Story South Asia? 

We noticed that most South Asian news was very India centric. We wanted to change that, so other nations could get a more equal voice. Of course, we recognize that India is big and therefore consumes more space, but we were tired of seeing South Asian become synonymous to Indian – especially outside the region. Instead of solving regional conflict, such narrative often complicates and homogenizes identities. We are passionate about changing that at Story South Asia.

Can I write for you? 

Yes, absolutely. In fact, we are always on the lookout for contributors. Part of this is trying to find the best writers who are deeply engaged in South Asian issues, and the other part is because we are growing, and there probably is no better time to join us. Please send all pitches to storysouthasia@gmail.com.

What are you looking for in writers? 

First, passion and then the willingness to work hard. Second, a command of the English language. At Story South Asia, we spend hours editing each piece, and double and triple check each piece before it is published to make sure things look good. We are looking for people who aren’t afraid of being edited a dozen times, and are fearless in their approach.

We also usually have something for everyone – no matter what your skill level.

What are you looking for in terms of content? 

We are mostly interested in opinions, human-interest stories, reviews, interviews, photo-essays, editorials and lists. We are not looking for breaking news – the wires have that covered. We strongly believe in voices from the region: not just numbers and statistics on how many people died and how someone was attacked by the Taliban. At Story South Asia, we believe in putting a face behind a news article.

A lot of people have even asked, why lists? The answer is because they work! Because the internet is such a busy place, people don’t always have time to read an in-depth piece, and sometimes it really helps to get to the basics (which can get lost in news cycles).

Do you pay? 

Yes, we do. Because we are a start-up, we cannot match market rates, but hope to get there soon. We, however, only pay for reported stories from the ground right now. Opinions, editorials, and lists are unpaid for (like every other organization).

How do you pay? Where does the money come from? 

The money right now comes from our own pockets. We are so deeply passionate about this site that we think we can make something of it. Some think we are crazy (probably in a loving way) but we only see possibilities.

If your content free for distribution? 

No, it is not. If you wish to re-publish or re-print our articles, please ask us. We usually say yes! (and mostly it does not have a cost).

Is Story South Asia a registered company? 

We are in the process of registering Story South Asia as a LLC in New York City.


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