Citizen Voices

INDIA: Intolerance Visible on Twitter as India Criminalizes Homosexuality

PAKISTAN: Trending on Twitter: Pakistani Cricketer Shahid Afridi

INDIA: Tejpal’s Cover-up Backfires as Anger Grows India

INDIA: Here’s what Modi Supporters think about his speech in Delhi, India

NEPAL: Maoists in Nepal Reject Election Results as Congress Takes Lead

INDIA: Anger Towards Tarun Tejpal Grows After Accusations of Sexual Assault

NEPAL: Overheard on Twitter as Nepal Votes

NEPAL: Anger Towards Baidya Grows as Nepal Bandh Continues

NEPAL: A Nine Day Nationwide Strike in  Nepal 

MYANMAR: Aung San Suu Kyi Offends Muslims in Myanmar

NEPAL: You know its Dashain When.. 

PAKISTAN: Reactions to Pakistan’s ban of Whatsapp, Viber and Skype

NEPAL: The Ridicule and Defense of Sudarshan Subedi on the O’Reily Factor

SOUTH ASIA: Appalled Comments Against Racists on Twitter

SOUTH ASIA: Unfair Fair and Lovely

INDIA: The Telangana Effect.
A new state in India has caused a stir in social media. Read all you need to know about Telangana:

INDIA: Narenda Modi’s Puppy Analogy causes outrage on Twitter: View our story: View the story " Modi's Puppy analogy causes outrage on Twitter" on Storify

NEPAL: Nepal’s Monsoon Budget is Flawed and Corrupt: Read Our Story:

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